Meet the Interns

The Value of the Intern Program

Our teachers tell us that the interns play a significant role at Valley View. As our students’ language skills increase and their time in French courses decrease, the intern provide valuable native language experience. 

The Intern program is entirely parent funded and is an essential part of our students’ immersion experience. Annually, the Intern program expenses include recruiting costs, health insurance, trainee stipends, visa processing, and various organizational expenses. 

Host a French Intern

Hosting brings a French-speaking young adult into your home, giving you the opportunity to learn about French culture and speak French in a casual, family setting. For many families, hosting an intern is the highlight of their children’s years in French Immersion and is the beginning of a lasting and valuable friendship. The sharing between an intern and host family has an enduring impact, opening doors in a way few Americans experience.

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Meet the 2015-2016 Valley View Interns


Gisèle Hennes

I am Gisèle, I come from Alsace in France. I am 26 years old and I am a French teacher in a secondary school.


Astrid Schoning

I am from Paris and study at the Sorbonne in order to, one day, teach French abroad. I am very excited to discover immersion teaching at Valley View Middle School.


Romain Vaneste

I am from Clermont-Ferrand, a city of 250 000 habitants, with the mountains beside. About me, I love sport, I play basket-ball and golf, I follow the NBA champion-ship. I also like the Spanish culture, I studied one year in Madrid 2 years ago. And more generally I like to learn and discover other languages and other culture.