Homework Lab


Tuesdays from 2:50-3:45


Room 118


$40 for 5 class sessions

Please let Nathalie Godin know if your student is signing up for the month. Checks should be made out to the Extended French Booster Club (EFBC) and given to Mme. Godin.  (natalie.godin@edinaschools.org)

What is it? 

A quiet place for Extended French students to work on homework or get help from our Teacher Interns. The workshop will be staffed by 1 or more Teacher Trainees, and a licensed teacher will be present in the room at all times.  

Why Attend?

Exposure to native speakers; organization of study groups in French; availability of computers, printers and French resources; opportunity for enrichment and explanation; make progress on homework; prepare for tests; review assignments..

Activity Bus 

Your student can take the activity bus to ECC after this workshop.